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And What So Ever You Extend In The Way Of Allah Shall Be Repaid To You In Full, You Shall Not Be Wronged. (Surah A-infal ayat no 60 para no 08.)

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Taj-ul-Sunnah  Islamic Centre

Taj-ul-Sunnah Islamic Centre is affiliated with Markaz Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat Braily Sharif India.

That day Maulana Muhammad Tauseef Raza Khan Barelvi had come to Pakistan from the blessed Bareilly. Despite his countless engagements, he came to Riaz ul Jannah to say his Asr prayers upon request of Mufti Sajid Akmal, the principal of this institution. His stay in the masjid was supposed to be not longer than half an hour. After the prayers, he met with Dr. Sohail. Maulana Tauseef Raza Khan said that he felt deeply restful in his heart and soul in the masjid and asked if he could spend the night there. For us there was there was nothing more than this to be proud of. Maulana Tauseef Raza Khan, well-known as Taj-ul-Sunnah, spent the night in the blessed masjid. In the morning he met with Dr. Sohail and asked him if he would like to affiliate the Islamic Complex with Bareilly Sharif. Dr. Sohail agreed to his proposal. Maulana Tauseef Raza Khan was extremely pleased with this and thus this Islamic center was called Taj-ul-Sunnah from that day onwards. This is the only institution of Pakistan affiliated with that high house.

Islamic Centre has started its operation in the following fields:


Baba Farid Shakar Ganj Islamic Library

Lectures on Islam

Fatwa Facilities

Women Wing

Vocational Institute

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