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And What So Ever You Extend In The Way Of Allah Shall Be Repaid To You In Full, You Shall Not Be Wronged. (Surah A-infal ayat no 60 para no 08.)

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President's Message

Trustee Jamia Masjid Raiz ul Jannah and Islamic Center
Dr. Sohail Majid Sheikh

Prosperity of your Path is the objective of my life
This is why I am a Muslim, this is why I say the salah

Assalama alaikum warahmatullahe wabarakatuhu!

I cannot be proud enough nor can I ever thank the Lord of the universe often enough for granting the opportunity to build a mosque, a great service provided by the messengers themselves. This was made possible with the most special blessing of the Lord, majestic and merciful, and under the blessed attention of the master of the two worlds Muhammad (s.a.w). I request all of you brothers and sisters to remember me in your special prayers so I may be able to finish this granted duty with utmost honesty, neatness and propriety.

I believe that all masjids are the houses of Allah (S.W.T) in which are set aflame candles of light, guidance and human welfare, never lit in any of the palaces of the heads of states in the world. The master of the two worlds Muhammad (s.a.w) had the masjid as his head office, the place from where the message of light and guidance that spread to the very corners of the world, the place where he met the visiting delegations, held his court of justice; in short, every system of the world for which circumstances demand the building of countless offices, houses and palaces, the greatest leader of the world, the messenger of the last age, the master of the two worlds Muhammad (s.a.w) adopted the masjid as his shelter for day and night, and all of us know its name, and that is Majsid-e-Nabawi.

The name of this Jaimia has not been chosen as Riaz ul Jannah for no ordinary reason. This is a special grant from the Master of the Two Worlds (s.a.w) which was granted specially to my dear father and, thus, with that blessing it became Riaz ul Jannah i.e the part of earth that belongs to Jannah. I am striving to light those candles of light, guidance, instruction and human welfare (please have another look at the aims and objectives of the masjid) which the master of the two worlds, the leader of the two universes Muhammad (s.a.w) lit in the exalted Masjid-e-Nabawi. Let’s join hands and light a candle from candle so we can get close to our desired objective as quickly as possible.

I had set out alone for the destination but
People kept joining and the caravan kept building up

I consider describing a great tradition necessary here. Respected Khalifa Mamoon ur Rasheed (may Allah bless him) was asked by the city dwellers to build a masjid. He inspected the place and liked it very much. He said the masjid would be built and no other human being shall contribute to it. A very old and very poor woman lived in the area. After she heard the message of the Khalifa, she said no one could stop anyone from contributing to building the house of Allah. She sold all she had collected and was able to buy only brick of the kind that the Khalifa was using in this masjid, and the brick was quietly placed among the others under the cover of the dark night. When the masjid was complete, an angel presented him with keys to two palaces in his dream. Upon inquiry, he was told that one of the palaces was granted to him for his effort in building the mosque and the second key is for that old woman whose single brick has been used in the masjid. I would like to appeal to all of you to contribute as little or much is possible to participate in this deed for the good because, as a human being of low value, I cannot say I do not need anyone’s help in this great world for the sake of Allah (SWT). Come be my helpers and gather up your rewards from Allah (SWT). Indeed that pure Being knows about people’s intentions and actions depend upon intentions.

Masjids are the branches of the Kaaba. They will be presented in the court of Allah (SWT) in the shape of white camels and will insist that their builders and their visitors should go to paradise with them. The point to ponder is that human beings are big or small in statuses but after death the grave of every human being is the same. Only the good deeds will go with him/her and those will make him/her either great or little.

The model of the masjid that you saw at the start of the brochure is its real design, and is a very big and beautiful project, an a majestic Islamic Center is being established. This masjid is being made exactly according to this map. I sometimes wonder how it is possible for us to have more beautiful houses than our masjid. Masjids should be more beautiful than houses, in fact, much more beautiful. If one wishes to present a gift in the service of Allah (SWT), then it should be most beautiful. And indeed Allah (SWT) is beautiful and he likes beauty. I am hoping to take your hand in my hand.

So what if prostration left a mark on your forehead
For once fall in a prostration that leave a mark on the earth

May Allah (SWT) be our supporter and granter of success.

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