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And What So Ever You Extend In The Way Of Allah Shall Be Repaid To You In Full, You Shall Not Be Wronged. (Surah A-infal ayat no 60 para no 08.)

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University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism


Spirituality is food for the soul, a cure for all kinds of worries and diseases. While various hospitals, laboratories, medical staff are providing modern treatment as part of the scientific chain of knowledge, spirituality is the kind of treatment that does not need any laboratories and medicine because it, in itself, is an efficient system of diagnosis and treatment. Spirituality is urgently needed once again in this tumultuous age because it works where medical science fails. This is due to the fact that the holy text of the Quran is a complete code of life and treatment through it is possible. Strange new diseases such as cancer have spread. Cancer is considered untreatable but it can be controlled through spiritual methods and the disease is being treated with those methods already. Our true heritage is spirituality by which we can spend a contented life. Modern spiritual methods of treatment have been introduced to treat the closure of the heart valves, cancer and other fatal diseases in which the patient not only gets treatment but also receives spiritual development. Though the world has reached the moon but it still faces problems in overcoming diseases. We have abandoned spirituality even though it is the best method of treatment. 


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