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And What So Ever You Extend In The Way Of Allah Shall Be Repaid To You In Full, You Shall Not Be Wronged. (Surah A-infal ayat no 60 para no 08.)

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Women Wing

Women Wing is incorporated for the well being of women folk. There basic religious & educational training & advanced training for the desire ones. Activities of the women wing include Salat-o-Tasbih on every Friday. Organization of lady mehfil-e-milad. Several ladies are working in the organization. In the free clinic, Marriage Bureau, Quran on line and vocational institute, being an equal part the human resource they are doing their best and needs maximum support for uplift of their design programmes. Efforts are always made to arrange for the Dowry, and marriage arrangements of the poor daughters so that they can start their new lives in their new homes with respect.

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