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And What So Ever You Extend In The Way Of Allah Shall Be Repaid To You In Full, You Shall Not Be Wronged. (Surah A-infal ayat no 60 para no 08.)

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Shrine of Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A)

The Mazaar Sharif of Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A)The Shrine of Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A) was planned after his sudden and sad demise on May 13, 2012. The inspiration to build a shrine for Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A) was decided on the 38th day of his death when the Kalma Tayyaba appeared on both sides of his blessed grave which clearly indicated his actual status in the eyes of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and infinite blessings of Allah Almighty. The details of this beatific event are recorded in this article.  

He was a well-mannered individual who devotedly served mankind in all possible ways and he had an extraordinary love for Islam and an unbelievable attachment with Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). His contributions as Chief Custodian Jamia Masjid Riaz-ul-Jannah will always be cherished.

Brief life history of Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A)

Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (RA) had saintly habits since his childhood. He migrated from Khame Kiran to Pakistan Lahore at the age of 13 and settled at Bhatti Gate Lahore. His father Maulvi Abdul Aziz was also a great saint of his time. Despite being a Tehsildar
, he used to earn his livelihood by doing Hikmat. Strong belief in Rizq-e-Hilal remained his prime quality throughout his life and the same quality was passed on to Sheikh Abdul Majid (RA). He was ever willing to work the hardest to earn halal livelihood. At the age of 13, he used to get up at midnight to haul water out of the well in a bucket tied at the end of a rope, fill up the waterskin (مشک) and decant it into the water tanks until they were full. He never revealed to any of the worshippers in the masjid and they always wondered at Fajr about the person filling up the water tanks. Being a student of Central Modal School Lahore, he used to go daily to the Mazaar Sharif of Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Hijweri (RA) where he attained his finest moral character. He  started offering Namaz-e-Tahajjid at the age of 20, which he never missed till the last night of his life. His soul was further refined by great blessings of Hazrat Baba Masood-ud-din Ganj Shakar Pakpattan Sharif. At the age of 80, he was deeply immersed in the love of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). The masjid project was started in 2008. He was blessed with a visit from the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) at a Tahajjid time, telling him to have his son name the masjid as Riaz-ul-Jannah. It was only with the blessings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) that the name of the masjid was changed to Riaz-ul-Jannah.

“The most important event that inspired everyone about his grave was transpired on the 38th day after his death when his entire blessed resting place underwent a strange process from Asar to Eisha prayers. A halo of white light hung around his grave and all the mud of the grave trembled. The words of “Allah & Muhammad” started appearing on the grave. This was witnessed by hundreds of namazis at that time. AT the Esha, this change stopped, leaving behind “Kalma Tayyaba” engraved in the mud on both sides of the Grave.’ Photos of that event are presentedin this slide show.          

zameen meli nahi hoti

[The earth does not become untidy, the body remains intact

The shroud of Muhammad’s (SAW) slaves does not get soiled]

A true lover of the Prophet throughout his life, Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (RA) was rewarded by the master of the two worlds Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) in the finest way by awarding his grave the Kalma Tayyaba on both sides. Every day a number of visitors come to his blessed grave to offer prayers and the Fatiha.

Shrine of the Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A) is on its way to come. He was buried in the courtyard of Jamia Masjid Riaz-ul-Jannah. A question which haunts my mind and solution to is seen as “was name Riaz-ul-Jannah” awarded to Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A) during his life time was the start of the blessings of his love & attachment to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) leading to his ultimate place of rest at Riaz-ul-Jannah and finally awarded by Kalma Tayyaba on both side of the grave!!

The final revelation remains that “Eshiq-e-Nabi” is always awarded by one way or the others. Thus name of his mazaar sharif is Eiwan Eshiq-e-Nabi(S.A.W). The following lyrics were the most liked by him and are narrated as:


I love him, I am immersed in his love
It’s nothing small that I am associated with him
I will boldly go to the ends of the great Gathering
I have received enough that enables me to make the journey
Why would my reflection not shine up to the skies
I have received that much love for the Prophet (SAW)


Darbar e Aliya of Al Haaj Sheikh Abdul Majid (R.A)

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